EPC contracts

UB Tower renders services in the sphere of EPC contracts, hence it bears responsibility for the contractor’s performance within the framework of implementation of projects with various complexity levels on conditions specified in the contract.

Financial services

We know how to invest correctly and are ready to share this knowledge with our customers. Being not only a coordinator but also an investor of some of our projects, UB Tower guarantees the reliability of financial transactions and projects’ recoupment within the stated period.


None business project will be successful unless the end consumer expresses an interest in it. The experts of UB Tower in the domain of marketing will advise you how to generate a demand and fulfill the consumers’ expectations for hundred per cent.


Our aim is to offer the best possible options for development of your business to achieve the stated objectives. The specialists of UB Tower always take into account the peculiarities of the customers’ activities, in order to provide the most informed decisions on a broad spectrum of issues.

Legal services

Investments projects are always the projects of the future. We make the future of your business a maximally foreseeable and a minimally risky one.


Team of specialists of UB Tower performs an integrated analysis of the market selected by you and provides a detailed description of opportunities and prospects for implementation of every business project you are interested in.