About company

Basic Facts

UB Tower international investment company was established in 2016 with a view to promote and implement a number of sectoral projects in the countries of Europe.

Today UB Tower provides a full range of services involving the development and implementation of investment projects at the territory of Europe and acts as a coordinator when collaborating with investors and project holders. The company’s interest area includes work with the ready cases, projects at the idea stage as well as the start-ups.

The company’s defining feature is its involvement into a number of projects in the capacity of a co-investor.

The main functionality of UB Tower is the activity on creation, development and comprehensive support of investment projects of different levels of complexity and financing. The company offers to investors business projects ready for implementation: furthermore, we render analytical, advisory, financial and other services within the scope of the projects’ implementation.

The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom, London.

About Us

UB Tower is a team of professionals who know how to broaden opportunities for your business and to transform an idea into a mature project. A group of analysts and industry experts are tracking global trends so that to create an efficient business together with you already today.

Principles of Operation

The activities of UB Tower are aimed, in conformity with the company’s approved principles, at the implementation of progressive projects that are not only able to bring to the investor the optimal profit but also substantial benefits to the society.

UB Tower is an independent company that chooses partners pursuant to the requirements and expectations of every single project. We work with the innovation-minded project holders and attract investors seeking to change the world for the better.

UB Tower is a socially responsible company. Therefore, every project means for us, first of all, responsibility towards the society.
Developing business together with UB Tower is always the best solution for all participants of a project. Our mission is to provide well-balanced decisions which would be optimal for every person concerned.
Being an international investment advisory company, we understand the need to bring the quality of work into compliance with the international standards in this branch as well as the necessity of constant development.